Reference books for Pocket3

I introduce the book related to Pocket3.

OASYS Pocket3 DOS environment power-up guide for DOS users

Title: OASYS Pocket3 DOS Environment Power-up Guide for DOS Users
ISBN: 4-89563-436-1
Publisher: Mainichi Communications
Author: Cyber Secretary
Price: 1748 yen (not including tax)
Supplement: 3.5' FD x 1
Size of: 208 pages A5 size

This book was released in late June 95.
This is reputed to be a good companion to the DOS user of Pocket3. But I do not have the copy.
I want to get one if have a chance.

Fujitsu FMR series analysis manual Enlarged and revised edition

Title: Fujitsu FMR Series Analytical Manual, enlarged and revised edition
ISBN: 4-89369-080-9
Publisher: BNN
Author: InterProg
Price: 4272 yen (not including tax)
Size of: 584 pages B5 size

DOS mode of the Pocket3 is FMR compatible. If you want to write a program for Pocket3, this book is required.
I own the book. It's useful but difficult.

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