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Use Japanese-FEP(IME) on Pocket3

By default, Japanese-FEP called OAK is on the Pocket3.
It has a built-in ROM dictionary. There is an advantage that it does not consume poor external storage device.
And, there is a point of diminishing returns fatal for me.
However, there is also a very big disadvantage for me.
That is phrase level conversion.
And that the maximum number of input characters per one time that is up to 40 characters in double-byte Kana.

So, I think that the use of other FEP.

It seems to use the FEP for FMR in pocket 3.
But, only the following, I heard the story that was actually used,

Which unfortunately, I've seen the real thing is small.
I got the only ATOK7 for FMR of these.

I bought it and installed it immediately. I have found some problems.

On the other hand, the advantages are as follows.

That's all. Hmm, quite a sad.

So, now, I ended up back to OAK.
If I enter a short string, for example, the word searching for text file, and kanji conversion normally. And need to enter a rather long sentence, I enter remains hiragana without conversion to Kanji. In the case of further long text, I enter single-byte Roman characters without using the FEP.
Then I transferred to the Main machine the text file and I converted to usually kanji and Kana statement, it using the re-conversion function of the Main machine's FEP.
I have been operating without stress in this way.

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