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Music playing of Pocket3

There are about two kinds of methods of playing music by computer. The 1st method is a controlling an external electronic musical instrument by the computer. In many cases, the method called MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is used. This outputs electronic score data to an electronic musical instrument via a serial port etc. Regrettably, I do not have an electronic musical instrument. Therefore, this method has not been tried. However, since Pocket3 has a serial port, I think that it is possible if MIDI tool for FMR is used.
Another method, the machine's sound source is controlled based on score data. There is another method that machine's sound source is controlled based on score data. In this case, MIDI can be used as score data and other formats can also be used.

Pocket3 has the function to change the frequency of Beep sound. There is a program which controls the built-in sound source of Pocket3, and carries out a music playing reading score data. However, this has low completeness.
Score form is MML(Music Macro Language).
It was developed by the C language, and this executable compiled by LSI C-86.

However, I dislike writing a document. Therefore, I published only a source list and an compiled executable file. I do not assert copyright.


Below, the sample of score data is shown.


Thus, the score is made the file, and if it inputs by redirection from standard input, it will play. Moreover, if you look for WEB, you may be able to get many score data.

If you are possible, please improve to high quality. This has much room for improvement. For example, it enables to specify a file name by the argument of a command line, etc.

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