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Pocket3 Spec.

When the hardware specification table of a manual is copied completely, there may be a problem in copyright.
W:225 D:114 H:24(millimeter)
Barely, it is the size included in the inner pocket of a suit.
Although I have actually put in, a suit shifts firmly and is likely to carry out. Therefore, I do not recommend you.Although actually put in, since a suit carries out model collapse, recommendation is seldom carried out.
Incidentally, SONY VAIO and Pocket3 was compared with the floppy disk, respectively.
VAIO & 5inch FD Pocket3 & 8inch FD
True size comparison

It is felt heavier than appearance.
The specific gravity calculated from volume and weight is about 0.8.

Power consumption
Rating: 0.3W
Maximum: 1.5W

Power supply
AA(UM3) size battery x2
About 10-hour use is possible, but it is only at the time in OASYS mode. A battery is exhausted in shorter time at the time of DOS mode.
Moreover, seemingly, a battery will be exhausted in very short time, if using a card modem.

AC adapter terminal has adhered.
AC adapter terminal AC adapter
AC adapter is an option. Price of 5800 yen.

In addition, it is lithium battery (CR2025) x1 for internal memory backup.
lithium battery BOX
By ostensible specification, this lithium battery can be used for about one year. However, it can use in many cases in fact in about two years. This cause of is unknown, based on progress of the latest battery technology or merely only using the superior battery with sufficient fate.
It is also possible to use not CR2025 but BR2025.

Compatibility with 80286
Seemingly a clock is about 8MHz.

Reflective formula highness contrast liquid crystal display (white mode) tilt type
40 character x 11 line(At the time of a reduction character display : max 80 character x 20 lines)It contains message line of two lines.
Dot composition: 16x16 dots
The rise of the whole display

Main part document memory
With document memory backup
A4 document conversion about 20 pages (1200 characters / 1 page)
This memory can be read from DOS. However, it cannot write in from DOS.

F-ROM card slot
Two slots
Substance is the Type1 card slot of PCMCIA1.0 correspondence.
Neither a flash memory card nor a common modem card can be used. Because, seemingly, only the SRAM card was still defined as the standard those days. However, the card modem of exclusive use (original standard) can be used.

I/O interface
Parallel port x1 (only output)
Serial port x1
Each terminal is original small size. Probably, acquisition of a third party product will be difficult.
About a maximum of 19200bps of serial ports should come out. It seems that however, only 4800bps and about 9600bps come out in fact although it seems that there is also individual difference.
Moreover, an external floppy disk drive is connected through a serial port. It seems that about 38400bps comes out at this time, thanks to work of a device driver, but it is an absurdly late.

Japanese MS-DOS V3.1 is built in by ROM.

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