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For versions of the built-in software of Pocket3

In Pocket3, built-in software of the following three are version control.

Of these, the version of DOS is 3.1 fixed, what is management it is a patch level.
The following describes the differences between the versions of AutoCom and the OASYS system.

OASYS system
01-001 Version that is contained in ROM. There is seen in the case of initializing the system. (the system emergency recovery, etc.) Not a known bug because it is rarely used. But, it may have unknown trouble.
01-004 When the power supply is unstable, the system seems to be more volatile.
It is reported to feel stability of the system to significantly improved Once the new version 01-008.
01-008 Supports E01V008 of AutoCom
01-009 Supports E01V009 of AutoCom
01-010 It seems to have been released in about January 1999. (unconfirmed)
There is a report that was obtained this version from Fujitsu in late July 1999.
01-040 There is a report that was obtained this version from Fujitsu in mid-February 2000.
01-041 It will be released in late February 2000.
The difference between the 01-009 and the 01-041 are two of the following.
  1. When you update Windows OASYS a document that you created in Pocket3, read the document in Pocket3 again, the document is not read properly.
  2. Date and time of the file after the update is not correct(Y2K)

E01V004 When word registration in OASYS mode, hang up if an attempt is made to register the side enlarged character.
E01V005 It has been reported that stability is poor. (System is lost frequently)
And it has been reported that if use the pICo without a printer driver, that system becomes abnormal.(unconfirmed information)
E01V006 Released in mid or late September 1994.
There is a key repeat.
E01V008 Released in late September 1994.
The previous version(E01V006?) had been hung up when start the SETUP.EXE if 25-line mode to DOS by ECS, but improved in this version.
Not key repeat in the standard.
In addition, OASYS at the time do not repeat the character key.
Therefore, even in DOS mode, the original specification of the pocket seems to have no key repeat.
E01V009 Released mid-July 1995.
The last version of the system data is free published.
E01V010 It seems to have become in this version if get a restore the system by Fujitsu around November 1999 (unconfirmed).
Bug has been fixed :Documents recorded in the new version of the OASYS memory card that has been formatted DOS, not be read in the Pocket 3.
E01V023 This version key repeat.
There are examples that the system becomes error occurs if the pull suddenly the AC adapter from the state of the power ON machines E01V008, and became this version.
File write is unstable in this version. There are several reports when recording in the SRAM card logs AutoCom, other data in the SRAM card is broken.

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