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Console improvement

Pocket3 cannot use a multi window. That is, consoles are only a keyboard operation and a screen display. The software which improves them is introduced to below.


It is an extended display driver.
The display of Pocket3 is formed into vertical 25 line.

A screen is as follows.

Before ECS use

After ECS use

Since the character displayed is compressed perpendicularly, reading becomes difficult. However, it is glad that the number of characters displayed on a screen increases.

This is freeware made by FUJITSU. However, this software was not able to be discovered on WEB.


It is a key repeat control utility.
The repeat start time, the repeat interval, etc. of a keyboard can be changed.

It seems that there is nothing on WEB somehow.


By using this software, key arrangement can be freely changed in Pocket3.
For example, if an execution key is pushed, the same operation as the return key having been pushed can be carried out.
If Vz editor for OASYS Pocket3 is used, an execution key becomes the same operation as a return key. And I have grown familiar with the key assignment completely. But when using the software, such as BASIC, with which change of the key assignment by Vz is not effective, this software is very helpful.
Moreover, it can also change assignment of other keys freely, and it has the function of a shift-lock etc. I regard this software as very useful.
By the way, I enabled it to want to be able to use the ALT key by Pocket3. However, I was not able to make it a setup desired by using this software.
This may become somehow with devising a setup. This may be able to be solved by setting change. If it has succeeded by other software, and you mail me, I am glad.

The author of this software is Mr. Yasushi Kurihara.

The general version (not exclusive use for Pocket3) can come to hand by VECTOR, but I don't know whether it uses on Pocket3.
Although the version for Pocket3 cannot be found on WEB. Seemingly, according to the document, this may be distributed freely. Then, it enabled it to download on this page.


Pocket3 using the EMS, and Vz to the resident, the screen is very slow. I found an old record that software "FAST" may be effective to speed up the display screen.
This tool is available at Vector.

I tried to be as effective as the actual level. I was measured by using software"console". This is also available from Vector.

The first surprise, both of the EMS and Vz editor case, than when either or both did not have, scroll around 2000 line 200-230 in extra time took seconds.
And EMS only, the speed of the display screen is not affected.
On the other hand, Vz editor is only, there is a lower incidence rate of about 3-7 seconds per 2000 lines. However, use Vz editor has many advantages from no use, because you get the history of the screen.
Conversely, ECS was found to be contributing to more than negate the performance slowdown by Vz. Of course, even without Vz, ECS is to improve the rendering speed. However,ECS is a character shrink. Therefore, it is good to be faster, but it is difficult that I regularly use it.

And useing FAST, I was amazed at the results.
If both the EMS and Vz, the screen is about 30 percent faster.
And if you slow down in both EMS and Vz, FAST is about 20 percent decline negate.

I will use this.
I am a loss for not using it before.
I highly recommend this tool to Pocket3 users.

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