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Use EMS on Pocket3

The EMS manager for OASYS Pocket3 was made.
But the patch was only applied to the EMS manager for HP100LX.

Now, probably, there is also almost no demand.

What is EMS?

It is one of the standards when extending a memory by the abbreviation for Expanded Memory Specification. Since having advocated is three companies of a lotus / Intel / Microsoft, there is more software corresponding to this standard than other standards. This is an advantage.

What can be done?

Something cannot be new.
In corresponding application, the maximum of the file size which can be processed becomes slightly large.

What software can be used?

On the other hand, it seems that ATOK8 cannot be used, it is considered because there is a function call which is not supported in part now.

Why did it make?

It made in order to cancel a shortage of the amount of the memory used at the time of Vz use with the highest operating frequency for me.
A memory status is referring to the another section.

Having been glad as for me is that start Vz and response creation came to be able to do the quite large log at NIFP also in perusal. Of course, since EMS was being used also by NIFP, some large logs could also be read. ;-)

Although it does not understand since I am using DIET by un-residing permanently, the VWX is also driven out to the EMS. Also in this, some conventional memories have spread.
In addition, the number of lines which can also peruse a MIEL is glad to increase.

How has it realized?

A main memory is deleted and it is assigning the page frame.
The memory map at the time of EMS use is as follows.

VMAP Version 2.01  Copyright (C) 1989-91 by c.mos

addr PSP  blks   size  owner/parameters           hooked vectors
---- ---- ---- ------  -------------------------  -----------------------------
20E6 sys    1  150256  <config>
4596 <--    2    3616  command                    22 23 24 2E
467A <--    1     432  DCTRAP ver1.00  Jun 22 19
4696 <--    1    4048   -dB:\ -pF -n00
4794 <--    1    1648  VWX 1.08b -Z2 -L8192 -X3   2F
47FC <--    1    3840  vz 1.60  -Z                21 29
48ED-C000   1  487712  <free>

----- EMS ver4.0 (frame: 3287h) -----
handle pages   size  name
------ ----- ------  --------
     1     2    32k  for Vwx!
     2    12   192k  VZ
  free     2    32k
 total    16   256k

Incidentally, the following is a memory map at the time of EMS intact.

VMAP Version 2.01  Copyright (C) 1989-91 by c.mos

addr PSP  blks   size  owner/parameters           hooked vectors
---- ---- ---- ------  -------------------------  -----------------------------
20E6 sys    1   80576  <config>
3493 <--    2    3616  command                    22 23 24 2E
3577 <--    1     432  DCTRAP ver1.00  Jun 22 19
3593 <--    1    4048   -dB:\ -pF -n00
3691 <--    1   25040  VWX 1.08b -Z2 -L8192 -X3   2F
3CAF <--    1  177792  vz 1.60  -Z                21 29
6818-C000   1  360048  <free>

Since a page frame is secured in the portion of <config> , the amount of this portion used 70KByte Although it increases, the amount of permanent residence of Vz Since it decreased more than 170KByte, the memory became large fairly.

What is a demerit?

Usually, I consider that Vz is set up in many cases so that a console output may be taken in. However, if this function is not stopped, the DOS prompt at the time of Vz use will become incredibly late.
When measuring the easy benchmark, it became 3 to 7 times later usual times at the screen display. But like the editing mode of Vz, if it indicates by the screen by itself without using the function of DOS, speed will not fall.

Where is it?

It is in Handmade Software Room. It opens to the public as freeware.
In fact, the conditions of "opening to the public together with sauce as freeware" have been imposed in making the alteration version from the original authors. I want to respect this original author's intention.

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