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Document creation by Pocket3

Pocket3 is the word processor. That is used for document creation.
This page introduces various methods.

OASYS mode

OASYS mode
OASYS small mode
The foundations of all things in this machine are OASYS mode, because it is a main design here.
There are some points of excelling DOS mode in document creation.

But there is also an appropriate demerit.

The following is an example of a display of G drive.
G drive

AutoCom editor

From the needs of the document creation at the time of communication use, the independent editor ability is built in AutoCom. However, seemingly, this was developed so that an OASYS user might not feel sense of incongruity. Because, user-interface is close to OASYS mode. A DOS user feels the same sense of incongruity as the above-mentioned OASYS mode. Moreover, this editor is the addition of AutoCom. It seems that therefore, only an editor function cannot be called from DOS, without using a communication function.
Therefore, I am seldom using this. I heard that the resume function could be used as well as OASYS mode. ECS is not supported.
AutoCom editor
AutoCom editor, use with ECS

pICo editor

The pICo editor included in ROM (C drive) will be used for the easiest method of writing a document by DOS mode. An advanced function is not in this editor. But it has a minimum function. Therefore, this editor is enough if it is small edit in DOS mode.
The example using this editor is to a "Use DOS on Pocket3". Please refer to there.
And this editor does not support ECS, too.
pICo editor
pICo editor, use with ECS
Maybe, the arrow sign currently displayed on the screen lowermost part is an oasys special character. If a JIS ruled line is validated by SETUP.EXE of DOS, a different character will be displayed with relations of a character code.

The freeware editor "NEED"

Before, the younger brother was using this editor frequently.
This is a far highly efficient editor compared with a pICo editor etc. This has a function required for general document creation.
It is inVECTOR.
NEED, use with ECS

This editor obtains the number of lines of a screen at the time of execution, and changes operation according to it. That is, this editor supports ECS. In the default state, there are many display items of the menu displayed when a function key is pushed. Therefore, it is inconvenient to use some items protruded from a screen at the time of ECS un-using it. I recommend you that a menu item is customized, or ECS is used.

The commercial editor "Vz"

By the commercial editor of DOS, this Vz editor and MIFES had bisected popularity in Japan.
This editor was only the PC-98 version, the DOS/V version, and the J3100 version. Since the source list is published, also the patch for other models is published. There is a patch of general OASYS use or Pocket3 exclusive use. This patch is in VECTOR.
Vz editor
Vz editor, use with ECS

This editor obtains the number of lines of a screen at the time of execution, and changes operation according to it. Many information can be displayed at ECS use.

I am using this editor with the main machine. I like this editor. Then, I have installed it also in poclet3.

Expansion of this editor can be carried out with a macro function. Many macro programs exist: A little thing of document creation, like a word processor, and games etc. Many powerful macros are published as freeware. These are also in vector, and macro creators are now working. They give advice freely.
More information is published Room of Vz Editor(in Japanese).Please refer also there.

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